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As biblical disciples, we are called to walk in obedience to Christ, offering ourselves as living sacrifices in the pursuit of his glory and eternal purposes at any cost. The question each of us must answer daily is, "Am I being obedient in what I know Christ has commanded?" The Sabina Group Study will inspire your class, group or family through the true story of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand and the testimonies of seven women who, like Sabina, remained obedient to Christ at great cost.

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  • 1. Sabina Group Study Session 1: We Aren't Born Saints (17m)

    Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand were pursuing "the good life," and they had little regard for the things of Christ. But God met Richard at the lowest poi... more

  • 2. Sabina Group Study Session 2: I Don't Want to Waste My Life (17m)

    As Richard began his spiritual journey, he realized that he did not want to waste his life. Sabina did not agree with that sentiment, and Richard lovi... more

  • 3. Sabina Group Study Session 3: The Journey Toward Discipleship (17m)

    How do unexpected life circumstances impact your discipleship? Ricahrd and Sabina were relatively new Christians when the Nazi occupation dramatically... more

  • 4. Sabina Group Study Session 4: Necessary Risk (16m)

    Many of us think that risk assessment helps us prioritize and avoid whatever might put us at risk. But is risk necessary for biblical disciples? In th... more

  • 5. Sabina Group Study Session 5: Obedient Forgiveness (16m)

    God worked powerfully in Sabina's life when she encountered the soldier who was responsible for the death of her family. In this session, you will mee... more

  • 6. Sabina Group Study Session 6: Fruitfulness: The Result of Faithfulness (19m)

    Faithful and obedient followers of Christ are supposed to bear spiritual fruit, but what does that actually mean? Does fruitfulness always come easily... more